We enjoy doing fundraising events with nonprofit groups to give back to the community. Our goal is to create mutually-beneficial, successful events that promote and support worthy causes. 



We usually hold fundraisers on Sunday, Monday, or Thursday evenings. For large events, we will consider hosting them over a multi-day period.


Single day events are generally held over a three-hour interval, starting at 5, 5:30 or 6 PM


Please submit a Fundraising Request Form below, which we ask that you fill out as completely as possible.  These questions help us determine just how successful your proposed event will be. Here’s what we’re looking for –

• A legitimate, compelling, non-controversial cause
• Well-thought out plans
• “Decent” participation (a minimum of 80 people participating, or $500 in sales)
• Plenty of lead time
• Effective promotional strategy

We’ll try to let you know whether we can sponsor your event within two weeks of your request.


Woodstock’s totals the amount of sales generated by your fundraiser and gives your organization a check for anywhere from 15% to 25% of that total.  It works like this:

$500 in sales = 15%

$501-$700 = 20%

Over $700 = 25%

To track sales for your fundraiser, our graphic designer will create a custom flyer for your organization. You print up and distribute these to anyone who would like to participate. Everyone who participates in your fundraiser must turn in a flyer for us to credit their sale to your organization.

If your group has a different fundraising idea, please don’t hesitate to propose it to us.


We need a primary contact person with whom to meet and work out details. We need planning and organization on your group’s end. The success of the fundraiser will depend largely on your group’s ability to promote the event and invite community participation!


All participants must turn in a flyer at the time their order is taken to have their sale credited to your fundraiser. Under no circumstances will you be allowed to distribute the flyers to customers either in or entering Woodstock’s (i.e., outside our doors) on the day(s) of your event.


• Great pizza and a fun atmosphere
• We will create the flyer for your event
• We can work with you to create a special theme in Woodstock’s for your particular event


Woodstock’s receives dozens of requests for fundraisers each year. Plan and ask early! If you have questions, please call Woodstock’s and ask for our Marketing Representative.


• Get the word out every way you can, and as often as you can! Start promoting your event immediately!
• Make sure you emphasize what the $$ will be used for (assuming it’s for something that helps someone, supports a good cause, provides something useful – you get the idea).
• Make lots of copies of the flyers from the template that Woodstock’s will provide for you. Distribute everywhere you can think of.
• Ask everyone in your organization to hand out the flyers and invite friends and family to attend.
• Write a press release and send it out to periodical and media outlets in your community.
• Whenever possible, include a copy of the Woodstock’s flyer in any written or electronic communications you send out. This flyer has all of the vital information (who, what, where, when) that you don’t want to leave out in your promotion of the event.
• Insert the flyer information in any organization flyers, bulletin or newsletters.
• Place the information on your organization’s website.
• If you have a marquee or bulletin board, post the event information. If you have a prominent wall available, consider getting a banner made to announce the event.
• Use an email version of the flyer to send to everyone in your organization and anyone else who might be interested in participating. You can also do this through
• Send out day-of-the-event reminders.
• Make Facebook posts and create an event so members of your group can invite all of their friends. Make sure to tag us so that we can help boost your event and share your post as well. 
• Tweet about it, use hashtags to reach related audiences and tag us so we can retweet. 
• Post Instagram images of your flyer and group: use hashtags and send us your images so we can share them too. And make sure to post pictures of the event when it's actually happening!
• Let your Marketing Rep at Woodstock’s know if your anticipated numbers are changing. If we know you’re bringing in a large crowd, we’ll add more staffing to provide the level of service you’ll need.
• If your efforts just aren’t resulting in the numbers you hoped, please let your Woodstock’s rep know this as well. We’ll work with you to scale back the size of the event, change it to a group discount rather than a fundraiser, or reschedule to a better time.

Good luck with your fundraising!