From the beginning, Woodstock's has been committed to supporting the community we are a part of.

Through the years, thousands of dollars have been raised through the fundraiser program for local nonprofit groups. 


Who are fundraisers for?

We welcome any local group from the community or on campus to contact us! There is a review process, we cannot guarantee everyone a fundraiser, but we love to hear from all of you. 

When are fundrasiers?

Fundraisers are held on Sunday, Monday, or Thursday evenings, usually lasting about 3 hours. 

Where are fundraisers held? 

Fundraisers are typically always held in store and do not include delivery orders. 

How does a fundraiser work?

You and your group are ultimately responsible for promoting your fundraiser, but we are here to help guide you! We create a flyer for you to promote your event. When someone comes in during your event, they must present this flyer to have their order credited to your group's fundraiser. 

Afterwards, we tally all the sales generated by your fundraiser and give you anywhere from 15-25% of the sales. Here's how the percentage works:
$500 or less in sales = 15% goes to your group
$501-700 in sales = 20% goes to your group
$701 or more in sales = 25% goes to your group

What makes a fundraiser work well?

- Plenty of lead time. Make sure to schedule your fundraiser at least 2 weeks beforehand to give yourself plenty of time to get the word out.
- A well thought out promotional plan, that you stick to!
- Get your entire organization involved!
- Get a digital copy of your flyer out through email, social media, your website, texts, etc.
- Send out day-of reminders.
- The possibilities are endless, be creative!
- Ask us any questions you have, we are here to help!
- Promote through your group's social media networks.

If you would like to team up with Woodstock's for a fundraiser, please fill out the form below and we will contact you within the next couple business days. 



Fundraising Form